(The following screenshots are route maps excerpted from FliteMap® VFR by permission of Jeppesen Sanderson INC. They show all airspaces excluding restricted, prohibited and danger zones. The actual flown course differed sometimes from the planned route. NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES - INFORMATION ONLY)

Total Dist: 1036 nm (1918 km), Total ATE: 9:27 h

Tag 1:
Landshut (EDML) nach Osnabrück (EDWO)
Dist: 294 nm (544 km), ATE: 2:51 h

Tag 2:
Osnabrück (EDWO) nach Juist (EDWJ)
Dist: 131 nm (243 km), ATE: 1:07 h

Tag 3:
Juist (EDWJ) via Wangerooge (EDWG), Helgoland (EDXH), Sylt (EDXW), Flensburg (EDXF) nach Kiel (EDHK)
Dist: 191 nm (354 km), ATE: 1:46 h

Tag 4:
Kiel (EDHK) nach Lübeck (EDHL)
Dist: 51 nm (94 km), ATE: 0:30 h

Tag 5:
Rückflug nach Landshut verschoben (Mittelgebirge in IMC)


Tag 6:
Lübeck (EDHL) nach Landshut (EDML)
Dist: 369 nm (683 km), ATE: 3:13 h