The Remos G-3 Mirage is a high-performance 2-seater microlight (ultralight or ULM) built in Bavaria, Germany. For this trip, we flew the D-MUTB (our international call sign) which was equipped with modern avionics including communication radios, VOR-receiver, Mode-C transponder (altitude-encoded), colored moving-map GPS, complete set of flight instruments and a digital engine data system. Additionally we had a Tablet PC (Acer TravelMate C300) attached to a kneeboard with the Jeppesen FliteMap® VFR software and a 12-cannel USB-GPS-receiver (Holux GM210) on board.








Remos G-3 Mirage (


One of the highlights of the G-3 "Mirage" is the powerful flight performance. For example, the typical take-off distance in a typical Cessna will be about 1300 feet: divide that by 4, and this is the distance required for a G-3 "Mirage" to be airborne. Climb performance is also much better than the Cessna: check the rate of climb of the Cessna and multiply it by two -- you really get over 1300 ft/min rate of climb with the G-3 "Mirage", fully loaded!


When cruising at a relaxed 106 mph the G-3 "Mirage" will have a fuel consumption of approximately 2.9 gph of auto gas. Very low maintenance costs makes it a good aircraft for all purposes, such as a private sportplane, rental, flight training or even used in a flying club. It is a comfortable, stable aircraft in flight just like a Cessna, but it costs half or less money per hour to keep it flying. If you want, you can easily maintain a speed of over 125 mph for longer distances -- just push the throttle lever forward!


The highest quality level you can imagine is what we are talking about: the G-3 "Mirage" is designed like a modern racing car, the whole structure is made of carbon-fiber in a monocoque construction. Only the latest technologies in composite building are used. The bonding process is an improved system, developed in other aerospace industries, being extremely strong and resistant to all kinds of stress, including vibration, humidity, and changes in temperature. The age of the plane does not matter. The highest possible safety standards are built into a G-3 "Mirage"!


Rotax 912 ULS


2-blade, fixed pitch (wood)


VNE: 119 KIAS (220 km/h)
VFE: 64 KIAS (118 km/h)
VApproach: 51 KIAS (95 km/h)
VS1: 37 KIAS (68 km/h)
VS0: 34 KIAS (63 km/h)